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Central South Australia

Central South Australia

A small part of one of NASA’s many superb composite satellite images, this one showing central southern South Australia.These magnificently detailed photographs are in the public domain, so you can download and re-use them at will, provided only that you can discover a day when the NASA web server is not overloaded.

The Eyre Peninsula is at lower centre, flanked by the Southern Ocean and Spencer Gulf. This is marginal wheatgrowing country: you can easily see the jagged horizontal line marking the northern edge of the arable land. Immediately north of the peninsula is the Gawler Ranges, north of there, the giant salt lakes start: Lake Gairdner is the largest, to the north-east is Island Lagoon; then due north of Port Augusta is Lake Torrens. Lake Frome is at top right, Lake Eyre South at top centre, Lake Eyre itself is mostly out of frame.

Just right of centre, a wavy dark vertical line marks the Flinders Ranges, which run north-south to near Port Augusta, and continue south parallel to the Spencer Gulf coastline (dark green line). The Burra Hills lie to the east of here (scattered green), a roughly oval lighter patch marks the grim saltbush plains west of Morgan, which is on the great southward bend of the Murray.

The white sand of the Coorong is obvious at lower right, as is the vivid green of Lakes Alexandrina and Albert; northwest of here well-watered country surrounds Adelaide.