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Sunset Country

Sunset Country

This NASA photograph shows the north-western corner of Victoria. The huge Murray-Sunset National Park covers the centre of the photograph and extends north along the South Australian border to the Murray. Brillat Conservation Park is to the west; Wyperfeld, the Big Desert and Ngarkat on the edge of frame to the south. The whitish area on the east of the Sunset Country is the Raak Plain; east again and bordering the Murray is Hattah. The white salt lake towards the lower right of frame is Lake Tyrell.

To the north is Lake Victoria; at centre top the Darling Anabranch and the Darling meet the Murray. The Willandra lakes system, including Lake Mungo, is at top right. Yarrara is the small, dark, jagged squiggle north of the Sunset Country and south of Lake Victoria.

Composite satellite image prepared from a NASA public domain original.