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Burrumbeet Creek

Burrumbeet Creek

Burrumbeet Creek rises in the outer north-west suburbs of Ballarat and flows south-west. It is the main source of water for Lake Burrumbeet, a large and significant refuge for waterfowl in dry years. Unfortunately, plans are afoot to divert part of the flow away from Burrumbeet and into Lake Wendouree. This is trumpeted by the responsible authorities as a major win for the environment: in reality, it is a scam. Lake Wendouree has been filled from the Ballarat municipal supply for many decades; having sold that water to enable the construction of new housing estates, the authorities are replacing it by taking water away from another, equally important, lake.

This is the view looking west along the final stretch of Burrumbeet Creek; the lake is just out of sight. One wonders how many years it will be before it’s possible to see this again.

Burrumbeet Creek

Burrumbeet, Vic

January 2005

Nikon Coolpix 4500

36° 11mm 100i

f/6.7 1/56th