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Powlett Hill and Kooroocheang

Powlett Hill and Kooroocheang

A view south-east across the Glengower plateau towards Powlett Hill (at right) and Mount Kooroocheang (centre, part obscured). At far left is Mount Franklin. The smoke is from an autumn burnoff at the foot of Mount Moorookyle, which is obscured both by the smoke and by Powlett Hill.

This country was always open with no more than a light dusting of scattered trees; it was covered in wildflowers and native grasses as far as the eye could see. It must have been heartbreakingly beautiful 200 years ago and even today it hints at what once was.

Glengower, Vic

March 2010

Canon 50D

Canon 24-105/4

38° 32mm 200i

f/11 1/40th