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Landcare, NSW style

Landcare, NSW style

The contempt some New South Wales landholders have for the country they control is mind boggling. Yes, Queensland is the state with the reputation for wholesale environmental vandalism, but outback NSW is quite possibly worse.

This is harsh country to the west of Walgett, but how could any landholder deliberately dump chemical drums in his water supply? And not just any chemical: look closely at the label on the drum at lower right, for example — it doesn’t get a lot worse than that stuff. Cattle drink the water from this dam (there is no alternative source in this dry country) and the meat eventually winds up on your table or mine. So much for Australia’s "clean and green" agricultural export marketing campaigns.

The extraordinary thing about this particular example is that there has not even been any attempt to cover up the evidence: these pictures were taken from the roadside, where anyone driving past can see it for themselves.