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Foley’s Bridge

Foley’s Bridge

Foley’s Bridge was constructed in the 19th century, possibly as long ago as 1867. Until 2010 it was one of only two surviving large humpbacked timber bridges in Victoria. It was a remarkable structure, particularly in view of the amount of modern-day traffic on the rutted little track it serves practically none.

Alas, the Tullaroop River had a huge flood in September 2010 and the bridge was destroyed. The floodwater was so deep that the entire bridge was submerged, and the old structure simply couldn’t take the pressure of the fast-flowing water. It was swept away and now practically nothing remains.

I first visited this beautiful old bridge in 2005, and returned a number of times. I have a moderate number of pictures of the bridge. To my deep regret, I always rationed myself to a small number of shots each time because I wanted to leave plenty of room for new and different views in future years it was only 15 minutes from home and right in the middle of the best Brown Songlark country, so I pretty much expected to go on visiting it once or twice each spring forever.